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£30 Android e-Ink eReader (Kobo with Android install)

When WHSmith had a sale on the standard Kobo Touch for £30, I found it hard to resist not to impulse buy one especially as I found out that Android 2.3.x could be installed on it not too long before.

Before then, I had owned a 3G enabled version of the Kindle Keyboard (3rd gen) for several years and I really liked it for reading books but more recently been finding it a little clunky and large to carry around. I toyed with getting a Nook as it is possible to install Android on it as well and again, the size and weight of it always put me off when the sales were on for it.

The actual install of Android for the Kobo was really straightforward and this video also shows a step by step guide on the process including prying open the back cover and providing download links for the software and disk image for the install.


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